Maze Escape

For Ludum Dare #31


Arrow keys/WASD: move and jump
Space: attack
M: toggle sound on/off
R: Restart game


The theme for the 31st Ludum Dare game jam was Entire Game on One Screen. This was indeed a challenging theme. Why? Because there already exist a huge ton of games that are confined to one screen, or have the property that you can easily create the illusion of a single screen being used, rather than multiple single-screen levels. You have Pacman, Pong, Breakout, Mario Bros., all these classic games, that are also very good, which already fill in this theme perfectly. So while it's very easy to make A game that fulfills the theme, it is also very hard to come up with an idea that uses the theme in a fresh way.

Maze Escape is my attempt at an interesting solution. My train of thought was: What kind of game mechanic is absolutely not working with only a single screen? And one of the answers I came up with, was: a metroidvania!, or in other words, a game based on exploration.

How do you explore a game that is confined to one screen though? Here comes the old proverb into play: "If the mountain won't come to the prophet, the prophet must go to the mountain." Or in other words, if the world can't be larger than one screen, it has to become small enough to fit into it, as you explore.

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